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We strive to create a clean and welcoming atmosphere for all of our clientele. When you walk through our doors, you'll know that we take your comfort and relaxation seriously. We take the same excellent care of your hair and face as we have pride in our salon.


Although men's shaves used to be much more prevalent in past decades, there was a gradual decline in how often men would go to barber shops for a proper shave. We bring back a bit of that old-fashioned sense of feeling pampered when you come in for a shaving session with us. While you might be used to your typical morning shaves, there's nothing to compare with how we can help you feel like a king with a straight razor shave.


We also offer men's grooming options as part of your haircut or shave, such as eyebrow trimming or ear hair trimming. These small services provide the finishing touch to complete your look. It's all part of our desire to create a comprehensive service for our customers to give you all the confidence you need when you leave our shop. So visit Shark Cut in King of Prussia, PA, for any of your shaving or grooming needs.

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